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MANTICO is a way of being. Dynamic and eclectic, a practical dreamer, a man or a woman who lives the life to the fullest; those are the main features of MANTICO world.

MANTICO means “bag” in latin: in our philosophy it represents an imaginary space to store all the experiences and which allows you to express yourself in anytime.
Live your life #handsfree

MANTICO is a world which combines pure “italianity” with inspirations coming from different cultures; here we create the right balance between “Made in Italia” and multicultural mood.

MANTICO 7 letters, 7 shades…7 lives

METROPOLITANHe lives the town and he is part of it. He takes inspiration from all its sources.

ARTISTHe has a strong artistic flair, always experimenting new art expressions that reflect in his style. The need for creation strikes him daily.

NEW PROFESSIONALDuring his professional slots, he expresses himself with an understated elegance, always distinguished by some unique detail, but never invasive.

TRENDYAt times he dares with his look to feel in harmony with his style.

INTERNATIONAL GLOBETROTTERHe has always traveled, he travels and he will never stop traveling. He loves being on the move with the bare minimum but he never neglects his style.

CYCLISTHe travels by bike or motorbike, between city and countryside. He is a free spirit.

OUTDOOR ADDICTEDHe enjoys the outdoors and its contaminations. He loves the elegant comfort, which is his innate strength.

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